Meet Rob Eberle: Director of EARTH FIRST’s Construction Operations

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Growing up in South Jersey, Rob set his sites on Texas from a young age.   Starting at age 15, he made his way to Houston each summer and worked for his brother's commercial landscaping business.  It is here that Rob developed an intimate perspective of the fast-paced construction landscaping industry.  Houston summers are unforgiving and project deadlines are strict, yet Rob not only succeeded, he shined.  He landscaped his way through college, while at The University of Houston, and graduated in 1987.   After graduation, Rob's talent for landscaping was undeniable and he decided to pursue it as a career.   Now, 40 years later, Rob has excelled in every aspect of a large-scale landscape company, from laborer all the way up to Vice President. 

With a degree in Civil Engineering, several landscape oriented licenses and a vast knowledge of construction; Rob will still humbly tell you that he is “only as good as his team,” and attributes his success to being well organized, customer focused, results and production driven and bilingual in English and Spanish.

A typical day for Rob includes coordination and status meetings with supervisors, job site progress meetings with owners, new bid evaluations, job site QC inspections, materials procurement, materials and subcontractor orders, project manager mentoring, long range production forecasting, daily construction schedule updating and regular communication with the administrative staff.

When he’s not on the job, Rob enjoys traveling. As an avid scuba diver, his idea of a perfect trip includes an island in the Caribbean, his wife of 31 years by his side and an ice-cold local beer in his hand.  Scuba diving is what he enjoys most because he knows he can achieve true peace while admiring the colorful fish and reefs.

Rob's other hobbies include woodworking and household projects of all types, especially those projects that are outside.  His tool-of-choice is a nail-gun, and whenever there is a new problem to solve, he’s not one to shy away from difficult and exacting hands-on work of any kind.

“Rob’s organizational discipline, hands-on boldness and inspiring leadership ensure that all of EARTH FIRST’s projects are finished on time and on budget to the satisfaction of our clients.  Rob is there every step of the way, from proposal, to construction, to completion and we are lucky to have Houston’s most talented and selfless landscape professional on our team.” -Byron Tribe, President of EARTH FIRST Landscapes

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