EARTH FIRST will succeed where other landscape contractors fail. Successful, sustainable landscape installation and maintenance is not simple. To the contrary, quality commercial landscape installation and maintenance begins with understanding our clients' needs, designing a comprehensive execution strategy, providing true-quality materials and installation, and consistent and proper maintenance. There are no short cuts.

To that end, we work within their budgets to provide a comprehensive landscape plan – from beginning to end. When we come into a project that has been mishandled by another company, we will give you a professional evaluation of every aspect of your situation – from landscape irrigation, to materials, to the long term viability of your current landscaping. Intelligent design, beautiful architecture, viable materials and proper installation, will save you money while making your building or project the envy of your peers.

No surprises! That is the pledge that we give every customer, every day. With EARTH FIRST Commercial Landscaping, you will never experience the dreaded “non-contract” landscape expense and more importantly, working with you, we will develop a program that will prevent catastrophic plant loss.

EARTH FIRST Commercial Landscape Services will succeed where other landscape contractors fail. It’s that simple.