The Perfect Time to Plant Trees & Shrubs: Fall!

When thinking of planting a new tree or shrub, people often think spring is the best season to plant in. While that may be true for certain kinds, fall is generally the best season to plant them. When planting trees and shrubs, it is important to consider root growth. By planting in the fall, you are allowing your new trees and shrubs to establish strong root systems before the heat of summer sets in.

Due to the lower temperatures in the fall, less stress is put on plants and root growth is highly encouraged. Another way temperature encourages root growth is by soil temperature. If the air temperature is cooler than the soil, roots are encouraged to grow without growth to the top of the plant. This develops a stronger and more sustainable root system when the top of the tree or shrub does start to grow in the spring.

Another reason fall is ideal to plant trees and shrubs is the wetter weather. Due to the increase in rain, you do not need to water as often. This also helps the trees and shrubs to establish their root system.

September through November is considered the fall season, thus making it the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs. However, if you wait too long in the season before planting, your trees and shrubs will not have time to develop their root system and this creates a higher risk of them failing before spring.

A few trees that can be successfully planted in the fall include hawthorn, elm, and sycamore, among many others. 

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