Adding Character: Paver Driveways & Walkways

Do you need to spruce up your commercial landscape? Are you looking to make a statement or add more character? Add some paver driveways and walkways! Not only do paver driveways and walkways make a statement and add character and curb appeal, but they are durable, easy to replace, come in many varieties, and can be installed quickly.  


Paver driveways and walkways are low maintenance and less prone to cracking. Pavers can be three times as strong and handle the weight better than regular concrete. When paver sealer is used, pavers are stain resistant, adding to their durability. Marks can be easily removed with water.


Easily Replaceable

If a paver does happen to crack, you do not need to replace the whole driveway. If a regular concrete driveway cracked, you would have to replace it all in order to make it look professional. With a paver driveway, you can replace it yourself. All you need to do is remove the broken paver and replace it.



Pavers come in multiple colors and a variety of patterns. You are able to look at all of the options and select the one that best compliments your space. You are even able to create patterns within the driveway or walkway. This truly allows you to customize you look, adding even more character and curb appeal.


Quick Installation

Paver driveways and walkways can take 5 to 7 days to install, depending on the square footage being installed. Concrete driveways may be poured quicker, but they can take up to a month to cure. You will be able to walk and drive on your paver driveway as soon as it is finished being installed.


Installing paver driveways and walkways can be very labor intensive. Let us help you! At Earth First Landscapes, located in Katy, Texas, and proudly serving Houston and South Texas, we have an experienced design team and installation managers ready to take on your project.


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