Need a Bid? Get an Instant Bid!

Our instant bid tool is convenient, quick, and easy to use! At Earth First Landscapes, located in Katy, Texas, we focus on striving to better serve our customers and continually improve their experience working with us. By implementing our instant bid tool we allow customers, and potential customers, to receive a quality bid quickly and efficiently.

When filling out the instant bid tool we ask that you input your name, company name, phone number, and email to get started. We also need to know what type of property you are asking about, if the bid is for new construction or grounds maintenance, and the approximate land size.

For new construction we need to know if you have landscape plans already drawn up and the landscape services and/or features you are interested in.

For grounds maintenance we need to know the contract length you are interested in, one time or annual, what type of mower needs to be used (i.e. tractor, rotary, reel), if the property was previously maintained, and if you are interested in a landscape/irrigation upgrade.

We also ask if you need help with an irrigation system. For a new system install we need to know if you already have had irrigation plans done, the approximate land size, and if there are any water meters existing. For an irrigation system repair we need to know the type of irrigation system (i.e. conventional, 2-wire), the brand of the sprinkler controller, and the approximate age of the system.

That is it! Convenient, quick, and easy to use, our instant bid tool is located on our website. Let us know how we can serve you!

Earth First Landscapes, proudly serving Houston and South Houston, Texas with commercial landscaping needs, is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us to get an instant bid today!