Benefits of Hydro-Mulching

Hydro-mulching, or Hydro-seeding, is an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to sod. Hydro-mulching is the process of combining soil, mulch, fertilizer, and seed with water and mixed in a machine. This mixture is then applied to the ground of your property. Hydro-mulching provides a quality lawn, is more cost efficient, maintains its health, and is quick to install.



Hydro-mulching provides healthier, longer lasting, and greener quality lawns than traditional sod. By hydro-mulching, the roots of the seeds grow deeper into the soil which prevents seeds from traveling away from your property. Hydro-mulching gives you an evenly covered lawn. It can even be applied on steep slopes to ensure coverage on every open area of your property.


Less Expensive

Hydro-mulching is very cost effective, usually costing at least 50% less than traditional sod, and that is without installation costs. The overall savings can be massive when you factor in labor fees.


Maintains Health

Hydro-mulching keeps your commercial lawn healthy. Traditional sod is grown off site and can go into shock when transported and installed on your property, and it may not take to your soil. Hydro-mulching grows right into your property which establishes deep-roots and resists weeds and diseases.


Quick Installation & Growth

With traditional sod you have the benefit of “growing” a lawn in a day’s time. However, combined with the other benefits of hydro-mulching, this should not be your deciding factor. Hydro-mulching is quick to install, even quicker than traditional sod, and should start to grow in about a week. With proper maintenance, a hydro-mulched lawn will be ready for regular cutting in 4 weeks.


There are many different varieties of grass available to choose from when Hydromulching, and our team of experts are waiting to connect with you to get started! 

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