4 Reasons You Should Have a Tree Planted

At Earth First Landscapes, located in Katy, Texas, we are pro-active in implementing the latest technology and installation systems. One way we implement these systems is with Tree Relocation. Trees help to conserve energy, reduce pollution, offer a habitat for wildlife, and increases productivity among office workers.  

Conserve Energy

One benefit to planting a tree on your commercial property is how it can impact your energy bills. Trees planted in a good location can help cut your air-conditioning costs up to 35%, and they can reduce the amount of Freon, a chemical that can cause damage to the ozone layer. A well-placed tree can also help to reduce cold winds, helping lower heat costs by up to 20%.

Reduces Pollution

Trees improve air quality. They produce oxygen which is needed for everyone to breath, and they store carbon dioxide. Many believe an excess of carbon dioxide is what causes climate change, so by storing and removing carbon dioxide, trees are helping to save our environment.

Shelters Wildlife

Trees provide shelter and food for many different types of wildlife. Birds, squirrels, and bugs, to name a few. Wildlife nests under bark, under roots, and in hollows, and they feast on flower buds and leaves.

Increases Productivity

Commercial properties enjoy adding trees to their landscape to help boost office morale. Productivity increases in the office when workers can see trees from their windows. Trees can also help in an office setting by reducing stress, lowering heart rates, and helping workers to relax.

We pride ourselves on doing every job correctly the first time. We provide the utmost care in the harvesting, transporting, and planting of your trees. With our expertise, your commercial landscape will transform from barren to beautiful!

Proudly serving Houston and South Texas, Earth First Landscapes gets it right the first time. Want to transform your commercial landscape? Contact us to get an instant bid today!