Increase Property Value by Adding a Water Feature!

Water features offer many benefits to a commercial landscape. Water features can reduce noise pollution, help environment conservation, provide healing effects, are aesthetically appealing, and increase your property value. 

Reduce Noise Pollution

One of the benefits of adding a water feature to your property is the “noise” it brings with it. Running water helps to eliminate unwanted sounds, possibly road noise, and brings calming serene noises instead.  


Help Environment Conservation

By installing a water feature, you are helping to conserve the environment. Flowing water emits negative ions that purify the air. Another way water features help with environment conservation is by evaporation. Evaporating water creates vapors that filter the air. This reduces pollution.  


Provide Healing Effects
Studies have shown that water features can provide healing effects. In fact, many hospitals are creating “healing gardens” that include water features for their patients to enjoy. The sound of a waterfall can help relieve anxiety and stress, making for a more enjoyable work environment.


Aesthetically Appealing

Installing a water feature is a great way to add positive aesthetics to your property. Visitors will be drawn in by its tranquil nature, and a water feature will help create a more inviting atmosphere.


Increase Property Value

By reducing noise pollution, helping to conserve the environment, providing healing effects, and adding aesthetic appeal, your property value will increase. If you ever need to sell, a water feature helps you get a better price on your property. Installing a water feature can be a great investment.


Water features are a great addition to every landscape. Interested in installing one on your commercial landscape? Let us serve you! At Earth First Landscapes, located in Katy, Texas and serving Houston and South Texas, our team of experts are eagerly waiting to assist and serve you with your commercial landscaping needs.

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