Interested in Installing an Irrigation System? Let EARTH FIRST Landscapes Serve You!

One of the best decisions you can make regarding your commercial landscape, is a proper irrigation plan. At Earth First Landscapes, located in Katy, Texas, our team of experts strive to give you a well-designed, quality, irrigation plan and installation. A well-designed and installed irrigation plan can save you money in the long run, in addition to keeping your landscape alive and thriving.


Saves You Money

By installation an irrigation plan you are saving money. An irrigation system will automatically water your commercial landscape. This eliminates hiring a person or company to come out regularly to water, saving you money. Another way installing an irrigation plan saves you money is by using less water. By automatically watering, less water is used than by someone watering by hand. Your water bills will be lower, and your landscape will live longer!


Environmentally Friendly

At Earth First Landscapes, we are built to be an eco-efficient landscaping company. We only use materials and methods that are good for the earth. We put an emphasis on sustainability. We aim to use locally sourced materials that will not degrade soil, but build it up so it retains nutrients. We strive to use the most modern and efficient installation methods while only using earth friendly materials.


Our Experts

Our team of experts (all employees, no sub-contractors) will be with you every step of the way! We will design, supervise, and install only the best commercial products available to meet your needs. Our experts are easy to work with and passionate about their profession. We strive to produce quality work and get it right the first time. 

Proudly serving Houston and South Texas, at Earth First Landscapes, we are eagerly waiting to assist and serve you with your irrigation design plan and installation.

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