PLANT SPOTLIGHT: Medjool Date Palm

Since we are up to our ears in palm tree installations right now at The Balmoral Lagoon, our palm experts at EARTH FIRST thought it would be helpful to share some of our knowledge of Medjool Date Palms. Medjools are date producing palms and the most luxurious palms available in the Houston area. Medjool Palms are easy to identify because their exposed trunk has a natural, diamond-shaped scar pattern. Their fronds are a silvery dark green and have a consistent, uniform and upright appearance.

Medjools require a dry heat to produce their eatable dates, unfortunately Houston's humid climate does not allow for the palms to produce it’s fruit. This doesn't mean we can't enjoy the tree though. If your property needs a statement, you just can't top the impact made by a Medjool.    

Medjools are challenging to install and require a highly experienced contractor to protect your investment. Coordination is of high importance, and they are shipped from out-of-state with a relatively small rootball as compared to the overall trunk height. Proper staking is a must from day one. Staking and bracing helps keep the tree upright until newly formed roots can grow outward into the surrounding soil.  

The most cost-effective staking is a 2x4 lumber framed support. If unsightly lumber on the tree is not acceptable, there are tree guying/strapping products which have subsurface anchors via nylon straps or coated steel cable.  

Regarding backfill soil, at EARTH FIRST, we use a combination of gravel and prepared soil mix plus a granular application of PHC Palm Saver. Our prepared soil ensures newly emerging roots will have plenty of airspace to grow laterally, and the PHC Palm Saver accelerates the grow-in time even further by adding in endomycorrhizal fungal spores and beneficial rhizosphere bacteria. These natural soil amendments work directly with the roots to restore soil fertility to the site, which was destroyed by the heavy construction processes.

Medjool palm installation pricing starts at around $4,000 per tree to $15,000 per tree depending on quantity, trunk height and installation area. They are by far the most expensive palms to install in our area, but the architectural prowess that a Medjool will bring to a property is unparalleled. 

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