The Benefits of Stump Extraction

Most people think of a stump grinder when they need to remove a stump.  However, did you know that stump grinding only removes the top few inches of a stump from the soil?  In some applications stump grinding is the best choice, but here are some conditions when you should consider a stump extraction to get the stump and roots removed completely.

When to Stump Extract

  • For new construction sites or major property renovations

  • If you plan to pour new concrete walks, drives or foundations

  • If you plan to install a future irrigation or drainage system

  • If you plan to regrade or change the grade on a property

  • When you want to plant a new tree in the same location as the original

When to Stump Grind

  • For areas where a skid steer has no access

  • For established properties with existing sprinkler systems

  • For stumps near underground utilities

  • For tight budgets

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Nicky DavisComment