"The Earth First Way" from our President and CEO, Byron Tribe


Landscaping is a beautiful reminder of our connection to nature, and at Earth First, we take that connection very personally. It is that connection that drives us. It’s why I started doing this and the reason we continue to create healthy and vibrant landscapes that flourish year after year!

Our name, "Earth First," comes from our commitment to creating sustainable and environmentally conscious landscapes. Landscaping is a living resident of your community and can grow more beautiful with time. Taking an "Earth First" approach means that we are committed to giving your new plants everything they need to get a head start in their new home. “Earth First” means we use native trees, shrubs and grass that are adapted to our growing region and that we provide these plants with perfectly balanced soil so they are sure to thrive from the very beginning, without additional and costly human interaction.

When Earth First takes on a new project, there are some very important decisions that we make to ensure your landscape is installed in “The Earth First Way.” Plant placement is vital to your landscape’s survival. The amount of sunlight varies for every new install and is one of the biggest assets your plants have. We always make sure you have quality topsoil and if you don’t, we will improve your soil to ensure your plants can thrive. We also install and maintain irrigation systems, making sure they never waste water, saving the plants and saving you, the client, a lot of money. We will make sure your plants are on an appropriate fertilizer program, harnessing the power of natural nutrient recycling in the soil and minimizing fertilizer dependency. All of these "Earth First" items need to be taken into consideration if long-term landscape success is a goal.

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we love this stuff!

I want to be your partner not only for the install, but also for the life of your property and we know how to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Byron Tribe

President, CEO of Earth First Landscapes

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