EARTH FIRST Annual Open House was a Blast!

EARTH FIRST Landscapes celebrated our annual open house last month with BBQ, Pie and Putting Greens! 

Our customers were all invited over to have lunch provided by Mick's BBQ and some homemade pie from the best pie food truck in Texas! There were margaritas and ice cold beer on tap as well as fresh lemonade- it was a great Texas style picnic! 

After lunch , guests had a chance to show off their putting skills on our very own putting green located in front of our office building!  Thank you to all of our customers that attended and made our day so special! 

We hope to see you all next year!

EARTH FIRST Landscapes is Here to Help!


The team at Earth First Landscapes would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to everyone in our community that were affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  While the path of the winds and floodwaters seemed indiscriminate and random, our resolve and dedication to helping and serving our community remains quite deliberate.  We want to let you know that we have the manpower, equipment, and confidence to help where we can in our community.  Our priority is getting our community and our projects back to normal as quickly as we can so we can get back to the business of moving forward and showing the rest of the world that Texans don’t back down!

Earth First Landscapes is open for business!

Please contact Matt Brown for all of your clean up needs:

What's the reason for "purple pipe?"

What's the reason for "purple pipe?" We get that question a lot. Purple Pipe means "reclaimed water." Large property owners such as parks, municipalities and HOAs use non-potable-untreated water for irrigation purposes. The source of the water includes stormwater collection, pond-water, chiller condensate, recycled boiler water and sometimes treated sewage. DON'T DRINK THIS STUFF. Its great for our plants but not for us.

New Fleet Hitting the Streets

EARTH FIRST Landscapes is hitting the streets of Houston this week with our brand new fleet of trucks. Our state of the art modified 2017 Isuzu trucks can tackle any landscaping project you have from commercial irrigation to full scale land development.

If you spot these bad boys on the road, be sure to give them a wave!


Top 100 Landscaping Blogs and Websites for Landscapers

We are absolutely thrilled to have been so highly ranked on Feedspot’s “Top 100 Landscaping Blogs and Websites for Landscapers.” Using Google reputation and search rankings, influence and popularity on social media sites, quality and consistency of posts and an editorial review from Feedspot - EARTH FIRST has snagged one of the top spots! Thank you to all of our awesome customers for your engagement – this award goes out to you! 


Check back regularly for updates, landscaping tips and tricks or just to see what we’ve been up to!

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Featured Service - Tree Services

The addition of trees to your commercial landscape offers a wealth of benefits to both you and your property. Not only do trees enhance the natural beauty of a property, they add privacy, character and value while also conserving energy. Using the latest and most efficient techniques and equipment, our experts will take professional care to evaluate your landscape and provide expert planning and installation to ensure that each tree gets the best start possible. Whether adding new trees or replacing existing trees to your landscape, EARTH FIRST can quickly transform your landscape from barren to beautiful. 

Featured Service - Walkways, Sidewalks and Masonry

Did you know that EARTH FIRST operates a state-of-the-art fleet of heavy machinery and employ only the best landscape personnel to tackle any commercial landscape development project you may have. 

Here EARTH FIRST installed new sidewalks and landscaping at the Stillwater Neighborhood.

For all of your landscape development needs, visit us here:

Summer Tree Tips from EARTH FIRST Landscapes

Summer is just around the corner, even though your trees think it is already here. It is time to prepare them for the extreme weather that Texas trees face for the next couple months. Here is a helpful tip sheet to make sure your trees survive and even flourish our harsh summers. 


For help with any of your tree services please don't hesitate to give EARTH FIRST a call or fill out our easy online form here: Instant Bid


EARTH FIRST Landscapes supports Katy I.S.D.’s Future Farmers of America

The Katy I.S.D. Livestock Show and Rodeo raised over $320,000 for Katy, Texas area students through the auction of student raised livestock and EARTH FIRST was there to support our community and our future farmers!

Students work hard for months raising livestock for the show, and the “Grand Finale” auction is where all of their hard work pays off.

This year, EARTH FIRST showed our support by purchasing the “Reserve Champion Showman Steer”, raised by Heather Stenson and selling for an amazing $4,000.00.

EARTH FIRST wasn’t done there though! EARTH FIRST also "partnered" with a group of bidders (Old Katy Originals; Foster Creek Vet Hospital; Texas Farm Bureau Insurance; Cane Island Outfitters) and bought the “Reserve Champion Goat” raised by Desiree Amstutz for the sale price of $5,000.00!!!

Congratulations to all of the students and we at EARTH FIRST Landscapes commend the hard work and dedication they put forward in the Katy ISD FFA program!

Featured Service - HydroMulching

Hydro-mulching, or Hydro-seeding, is an efficient, environmentally friendly and more economical alternative to sod. 

EARTH FIRST Landscapes has several different types of grass available and the accredited professional consultants at EARTH FIRST will work with you to determine which best meets your application needs.

Check out our Hydro-mulching spotlight here:

and visit: to get started today!


EARTH FIRST scores a touchdown at Super Bowl 51

EARTH FIRST’s construction department can handle any request, and to prove it, we built a scientific display to help Shell Oil promote their Biofuel capabilities. 

Biofuels are renewable fuels that can be blended into petrol and diesel. They are a valuable part of the energy mix as a lower-cost way to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the transport sector, provided that their production is managed in a responsible way.

Shell produces one of the lowest-CO2 biofuels available today by making ethanol from sugar cane. This biofuel can reduce CO2 emissions by around 70% compared with petrol. The production process is designed to minimize its environmental footprint. By-products are recycled as natural fertilizers, and waste sugar cane fibers are used as fuel to generate electricity for the mills. The mills reduce water consumption by using rainfall to water the crops and by recycling water during production. 

You can see the EARTH FIRST constructed display all week at Discovery Green in Houston, Texas at the “Super Bowl Live” tent.

Plant a Tree This Winter For a Green Spring

By Dick Peterson

Winter is one of the best times to plant a tree. Many excellent varieties are available at your local nursery, with some of the best trees available in the winter. Your new tree will use the winter dormant season to establish new roots. When spring arrives, your tree will be on its way to providing shade for generations to come. While it may seem obvious that planting a tree is a good thing, here are some reasons which may not have not occurred to you. Well-placed trees can save you money on your utility bills. In the summer trees shade your roof and windows and also cool the air around your house as they breathe. In the winter, evergreens can block cold north winds. By using less electricity you help cut down on emissions from power plants that contribute to the “green house effect.” Trees of course clean the air by creating oxygen, and they also keep our cities cooler by reducing the “heat island” effect. This is caused by concrete and asphalt storing and reflecting heat, making urban areas hotter.

Choosing a Tree

Ask your nursery professional to recommend a tree that is native or adapted to this area. Don’t ask for the fastest growing tree such as an Arizona ash, cottonwood, Chinese tallow or poplar. Their fast growth results in weak, brittle wood. They are also prone to freeze and insect damage, leaving you with the expense of tree removal just when you expect to be receiving shade. Excellent deciduous trees for this area include Chinese pistache, cedar elm, Drake elm, pecan, Texas ash, and bald cypress. These trees will lose their leaves in the winter and provide access to the winter sun to warm your home. Two of the best choices in this category are the burr and chinquapin oaks. Recommended evergreen selections include live oak, Afghan pine, deodar cedar, and cherry laurel.

Choosing a site

Survey your site and decide the best location for your tree. Choose the variety based on mature size compared to the space you have available. Most planting mistakes are made by placing a tree that will become very large in the wrong place; under a power line or too close to the house, driveway, or walkway. Don’t place the tree near water, gas, cable TV, telephone or sewer lines. In Austin, phone One Call (they’re listed in the Phone book); they will locate and mark all underground utility lines in the digging area. In other locations, call your utility or service supplier. Now dig a test hole. Be sure your location is not one large limestone boulder with a thin layer of soil over it. If you hit a large rock, move over a bit and try again. When you are sure you can dig an adequate hole, then purchase the tree. When you know the size of the hole you can dig, your original plan for a large balled and burlaped tree may change to a five gallon size. The smaller size is easier to plant, less expensive, and may grow more rapidly than the larger tree.

Planting the Tree

Dig your hole three to five times as wide as the container or root ball. The hole should be no deeper than the container. If you disturb the native soil below the root ball, the tree may settle and sink too low. The sides of the hole should not be smooth. Dig an ugly, ragged hole or even a square hole. Use a pick or shovel to break up the vertical soil surface. This gives the roots a chance to grow into the native soil. Carefully remove the tree from its container and place it in the hole. Large trees may require the aid of several helpers to avoid damaging the roots. If the roots have begun to circle inside the container, straighten them out from the root ball as you refill the hole. Most times a newly planted tree will stand on its own. If necessary, drive a sturdy stake at the edge of the root ball. Use an old nylon stocking to loop a loose figure eight around the tree and the stake. Fill the hole with the removed soil, not peat moss, compost, or bagged soil. It’s best to get the tree immediately accustomed to the soil in which it will be growing. Otherwise the roots tend to stay in the amended soil and never grow into the surrounding native soil. As you fill, compress the soil with your foot several times to prevent air pockets. Use the extra soil to build a dam around the edge of the hole. Water thoroughly and deeply. A liquid root stimulator may be used, but is usually not necessary. Cover the area inside the dam with 3-4 inches of organic mulch. In the absence of rain, a good soaking every two weeks is sufficient during the winter.


This article first appeared in the Austin American Statesman. At the time of publication, Dick Peterson was City of Austin Xeriscape Coordinator.


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November is time to fertilize!

November is here and with it brings cooler temperatures, increased rainfall and morning dew. Taking the time to fertilize now will nourish and strengthen your lawn's roots, making sure they are growing deep to settle in for winter! Let the soil experts at EARTH FIRST start you on a fertilization program that will keep your lawn strong and healthy through the winter and looking great come Spring.


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With fall officially here and the weather starting to change, it’s time to prepare your landscaping.

A fall application of fertilizer delivers essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots now and to keep nutrients on reserve for a healthy start next spring.

Need help establishing a commercial landscaping fertilizer program? Let EARTH FIRST Landscapes take care of it for you! Our licensed horticulturists will test your soil regularly and make sure your green areas stay green for years to come!

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EARTH FIRST Landscapes spreads cheer in Kansas City


EARTH FIRST Landscape’s Laura Herod was proud to be a part of this year’s Woman in the Green conference, where team building was transformed into an afternoon of giving.

This group of industry professionals, made up of 125+ woman, teamed up with Cheeriodicals to deliver cheer in the form of big green boxes. More than 300 care packages – made up of age-appropriate magazines and activity books, crafts, puzzles, and games – were assembled and delivered to inpatient children and their families at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.


EARTH FIRST’s Laura Herod was excited and proud to be a part of such a great cause.  “It was a truly rewarding experience,’ said Herod.

 “Thank you so Much for this Kind Gift to see this Beautiful girl Smile like this Melts our Heart!! Being on Isolation and not being able to leave the Hospital room this precious gift has made Our little Hayden's Day!!! You are Truly Angels”

“Thank you so Much for this Kind Gift to see this Beautiful girl Smile like this Melts our Heart!! Being on Isolation and not being able to leave the Hospital room this precious gift has made Our little Hayden's Day!!! You are Truly Angels”

The Perfect Time to Plant Trees & Shrubs: Fall!

When thinking of planting a new tree or shrub, people often think spring is the best season to plant in. While that may be true for certain kinds, fall is generally the best season to plant them. When planting trees and shrubs, it is important to consider root growth. By planting in the fall, you are allowing your new trees and shrubs to establish strong root systems before the heat of summer sets in.

Due to the lower temperatures in the fall, less stress is put on plants and root growth is highly encouraged. Another way temperature encourages root growth is by soil temperature. If the air temperature is cooler than the soil, roots are encouraged to grow without growth to the top of the plant. This develops a stronger and more sustainable root system when the top of the tree or shrub does start to grow in the spring.

Another reason fall is ideal to plant trees and shrubs is the wetter weather. Due to the increase in rain, you do not need to water as often. This also helps the trees and shrubs to establish their root system.

September through November is considered the fall season, thus making it the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs. However, if you wait too long in the season before planting, your trees and shrubs will not have time to develop their root system and this creates a higher risk of them failing before spring.

A few trees that can be successfully planted in the fall include hawthorn, elm, and sycamore, among many others. 

At Earth First Landscapes, located in Katy, Texas, we want to assist you with your commercial planting needs. Proudly serving Houston and South Texas, our team of experts are ready to serve you and establish your new commercial landscape trees and shrubs today!

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EARTH FIRST Makes Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100 List

Houston, TX, September 13, 2016 --( EARTH FIRST Landscapes is proud to announce ranking #20 on Houston Business Journal’s 2016 Fast 100 list, which recognizes the area’s fastest-growing private companies based on revenue growth. This is the second consecutive year they have earned a spot on the prestigious list.

“We are very excited see our progress recognized on the 2016 Fast 100,” said EARTH FIRST President, Byron Tribe. “We contribute our growth and success to our extremely talented and dedicated team and our loyal customer base.”

The Fast 100 Awards recognize the 100 fastest-growing private companies in the Houston area, ranked by a two-year growth basis. All of the companies on the list are headquartered in the Houston metropolitan area and have been doing business for a minimum of five years.

EARTH FIRST Landscaping offers a comprehensive suite of true-quality products and services, along with expert maintenance and world-class customer service. We are dedicated to exceed expectations by providing intelligently designed, beautifully installed and worry-free landscapes for you! Based in Katy Texas, EARTH FIRST’s services range from large scale landscape construction - such as commercial building parks, sports fields and neighborhood entrances - to routine landscape maintenance.

“Your Property, Our Passion”



Interested in Installing an Irrigation System? Let EARTH FIRST Landscapes Serve You!

One of the best decisions you can make regarding your commercial landscape, is a proper irrigation plan. At Earth First Landscapes, located in Katy, Texas, our team of experts strive to give you a well-designed, quality, irrigation plan and installation. A well-designed and installed irrigation plan can save you money in the long run, in addition to keeping your landscape alive and thriving.


Saves You Money

By installation an irrigation plan you are saving money. An irrigation system will automatically water your commercial landscape. This eliminates hiring a person or company to come out regularly to water, saving you money. Another way installing an irrigation plan saves you money is by using less water. By automatically watering, less water is used than by someone watering by hand. Your water bills will be lower, and your landscape will live longer!


Environmentally Friendly

At Earth First Landscapes, we are built to be an eco-efficient landscaping company. We only use materials and methods that are good for the earth. We put an emphasis on sustainability. We aim to use locally sourced materials that will not degrade soil, but build it up so it retains nutrients. We strive to use the most modern and efficient installation methods while only using earth friendly materials.


Our Experts

Our team of experts (all employees, no sub-contractors) will be with you every step of the way! We will design, supervise, and install only the best commercial products available to meet your needs. Our experts are easy to work with and passionate about their profession. We strive to produce quality work and get it right the first time. 

Proudly serving Houston and South Texas, at Earth First Landscapes, we are eagerly waiting to assist and serve you with your irrigation design plan and installation.

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